SEN Music Voice Studio offers top quality recording by experienced professionals in a relaxing environment

Designed by Wes Lachot Design Group, an American firm specializing in studio design and architectural acoustics

SEN Music Voice Studio offers a perfect recording environment, professional equipment and experienced staff.

Created by Wes Lachot Design Group, the studio features musically accurate acoustics and provides all the music production services you need under one roof: tracking, editing, mixing, mastering and many more. If you are working on a music project, we can help you attain your ideal sound and make the best possible recording.

Our studio has a large control room with a direct line of sight to a spacious tracking room with perfectly balanced acoustics and high-end sound treatment panels. There are also two smaller separate control rooms with excellent sound characteristics. All the control rooms are equipped with superb listening and audio-production environment for creating professional recordings and mixes.

The spacious tracking room with acoustic ceilings and dimmable color-tunable lighting is equipped with adjustable acoustic wall panels that can absorb or diffuse sound depending on how they are arranged. Besides, there are two isolation booths that can house a drum set, vocalist, horn section or loud amplifiers to achieve perfect isolation.

SEN Music Voice Studio strives to be affordable for local musicians, ensure individualized approach to every customer, and provide top quality recordings for domestic and international acts. Our objective is to make your recording time productive, enjoyable, and professional.






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